Why choose our services

Proven Professionalism

A team of qualified specialists offers our clients a variety of standard and non-standard solutions to every accounting, legal, finance, HR or even technical problem. As proof for the quality and efficiency of our services is the high number of long-term clients, some of whom have been with us for over 20 years. We register and service companies in Bulgaria, operating in the whole country. Many companies with dominant foreign participation have shown us a great deal of trust. The owners of these companies are citizens of Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Israel, Serbia, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Great Britain, Italy, South Africa, Armenia, and others. And because we are creative, competent and open to the latest trends in the business world, we use advanced software and technology solutions to offer accounting, legal and other business services to companies with diverse activities without restrictionя of location. In order to provide complex services and to cover a range from the largest possible number of business services, we have built and developed a serious partnership network of experts in the area of:

  • visa formalities and services;
  • brokerage, architectural and design services;
  • management consulting;
  • marketing, acquisitions, mergers, redemptions, conversions;
  • banks and credit institutions; – software and communication services;
  • hardware provisioning;
  • other business services.

At the same time, we maintain longstanding ties and cooperation with the Bulgarian state institutions and organizations. What each client surely receives is the confidence that he/she has entrusted the financial aspect of his/her business to proven professionals.

Reliable and Responsible

Many of our clients have never visited the offices of the NRA, NSSI, and other state institutions, which is inevitably linked to the activities of each company in Bulgaria. On the other hand, we daily communicate with the state administration. Thanks to the good communications and correct relations with the tax authorities we react fast to any legislative changes and provide our clients with creative use of tax deductions, expert advice and timely information on all the current problems arising with the tax audits. And because we are financially responsible for our mistakes (in case we make such, there is no way the mistakes to be not found and fast eliminated because our activity is inspected regularly), your business will spare any negatives due to improper accounting. And if a specialist can make a mistake or face difficulties in solving particular accounting or legal case, then when you have a team of experts, the possibility of errors is minimized.


The providing of complex accounting, financial, legal, consulting and other business services requires not just good handling with advanced technologies but also innovative solutions for fast and effective communication – with clients and institutions. In our daily activity we use electronic signature, electronic banking, conferencing, issuing electronic documents, preparation of specific periodic reports i.e. We work with the latest software products, we strive to make the most of the resources available on the web, monitor and actively participate in the creation of content with added value for businesses through various projects which we develop.